Dec 12, 2009

New Honda CB 750 Four Chopper Build !!!! Comming Soon !!!

I recently aquired a Honda CB 750 Four motorcycle, for my son and I to turn into a 21st century chopper. I will be uploading posts at all stages of the build. We plan to fabricate a rigid drag style low seat height frame, rebuilt motor with custom gas tank, forward controls also custom exhaust, and a monster 300 AVON VENOM rear tire. This is going to be a great opportunity to use and show my metalworking skills I have gained during my career. Tig, Mig welding along with english wheel, plannishing hammer and mechanical skills will be neccassary to complete the Honda CB750 chopper project. Stay tuned for all future posts on this and many other projects too come. Thanks again for checking out all my posts on welding and fabricating projects.

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