Aug 3, 2008

How to: CNC Machine Tool Cart Build

Last year a friend of mine contacted me to build 2 Tool Carts for his precision machine shop. The carts were to hold the CAT 40 tooling for his 4 HAAS CNC Vertical Milling machines. I found through research that a company named HUOT made a cart for this same application. I fashioned my design very similar to theirs, but my final product is less expensive. I started with 16 ga crs material for the carts. I also found heavy 5" iron/rubber casters with 330lbs rating per caster from Harbor Freight. The handle I made from .125 thk 5052-H32 Aluminum. These carts are very stout and will handle all the tools he needs for the machines. The carts are made from 7 different sheet metal components, top, middle, bottom, sides, end trays, and tray brackets. I assembled them using 1/4-20 thread cadium plated bolts with locking nuts. It took a weekend to get them built and assembled, and another day for paint. I had to install plastic bushings in the tool holes to keep the cart from scratching the tools when holding them. Check out the pics of the carts ( my son helped me out ). Thanks for comming to my blog. See ya.

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