Jan 29, 2008

New Project: Bowtie Shape Exhaust Tips

Johnny and I have recently started a project to fabricate a set of Stainless Steel ehaust tips in the chevy bowtie shape. This will be ongoing for the next week or so. Come back to see the completed set, they're awesome. 1st Johnny gave me a layout of the exact shape. I then layed out the pattern making each bowtie in 2 seperate mirror image pieces. I sheared them and then deburred all edges and formed them afterwards in the shape you see above. The material is #4 Stainless .160 thk. ( made from 1 piece .104 thk. and 1 piece of .06 thk.) The pics above show the progression of the build. Stay tuned and come back for the next step of this project. As always please email if you want more detailed info. Thanks for now,Doug & Johnny.

1 comment:

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