Jan 29, 2008

New Project: Bowtie Shape Exhaust Tips

Johnny and I have recently started a project to fabricate a set of Stainless Steel ehaust tips in the chevy bowtie shape. This will be ongoing for the next week or so. Come back to see the completed set, they're awesome. 1st Johnny gave me a layout of the exact shape. I then layed out the pattern making each bowtie in 2 seperate mirror image pieces. I sheared them and then deburred all edges and formed them afterwards in the shape you see above. The material is #4 Stainless .160 thk. ( made from 1 piece .104 thk. and 1 piece of .06 thk.) The pics above show the progression of the build. Stay tuned and come back for the next step of this project. As always please email if you want more detailed info. Thanks for now,Doug & Johnny.

Jan 23, 2008

Useful Welding Book

I would like to share a book with you that has been of great help with all my projects. The book Performance Welding by Richard Finch, is full of great information about welding. It covers :
* Mig, Tig, Arc and Oxyacetylene Processes.
* Shopping for Welding Equipment.
* Fitting and Cleaning Metal.
* Jigging.
* Tig Welding Steel and Stainless Steel.
* Tig Welding Aluminum and Magnesium.
* Mig Welding Steel and Stainless Steel.
* Mig Welding Aluminum and Magnesium.
* Gas Welding Steel and Stainless Steel.
* Gas Welding Aluminum.
* Welding Shop Safety.
* Welding Supplies.
* Sources for Metals.
* Shop Math.
* Glossary of Welding Terms.

You can order this book by for under $20 bucks by clicking here: Link to Amazon

Jan 21, 2008

Texas Star Piggy Bank

A friend of mine just finished building a Texas Star Piggy Bank, for his son. The project was built using #8 Mirror Stainless Steel material. Material should be available from your local supplier or you can order online at http://www.onlinemetals.com/. After cutting out the (2) Star shapes, he cut (5) pieces in a rectangle shape, then formed across the middle in the direction he wanted. This makes the pieces that create the depth of the piggy bank. After all cutting and forming was done he tig welded all edges for a seamless look. After all welding then came the grinding to blend welds and then polishing to match the #8 stainless material. Above is a picture of final product. If you would like the detailed plans please email me texramsey@gmail.com

Jan 19, 2008

Welding Table Project

I found a great welding table project for anyone who needs a good welding table at home or business. Click here for details:http://www.millerwelds.com/interests/projects/welding-table/

Used Welding Equipment

I have found some great welding equipment such as Welders,Shears,Brakes,Punches that I use in my shop at http://www.hgrindustrialsurplus.com/. I will be listing a new project every week with written instructions as well as some videos. If someone has some projects they would like to contribute please contact me.

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